Gutters and Eavestroughs

Eavestroughs are critical to a strong, reliable roofing system that protects and maintains your home's foundation.

Eavestroughs are especially important in Edmonton, where heavy rainfall and snowfall need to be safely distributed away from homes to prevent serious damage. Professional eavestrough installation and regular maintenance will help:

  • Prevent basement flooding
  • Stop rain from backing up under shingles
  • Protect siding and prevent stucco staining
  • Prevent paint from peeling or cracking from unwanted moisture
  • Minimize snow and ice dams
  • Add to the aesthetic of the structure
  • Protect the value of your property 

Installation and What Makes us Different

We offer premium gutter installation and replacement services with seamless aluminum.

We use heavy duty hangers which are much more durable than the weaker and cheaper products that competitors may be using. Each eavestrough is sloped perfectly with a level so that there is no chance of water stopping and overflowing. Many companies may be sloping their gutters by eyeballing which can lead to inconsistency and problems down the road. Another product that is not always common is our use of matching colored screws that blend in and provide a clean look instead of having shiny metal screws that can be seen from a mile away! Furthermore there is always the option of installing our Alu-Rex Gutter Guard products that result in a product that will never have any troubles with clogging as well as our Zip-Hinge product that allows down pipes to be mobile in a secure and tidy way. Our seamless gutters are measured and machined on site, and can be affixed to any type of roof or building - residential or commercial.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry, Edmonton climate and leading edge technology make our installations superior in quality and appearance. 

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To prevent an expensive repair or gutter replacement, clean your gutters before damage occurs. If eavestroughs aren’t flowing properly, a heavy rain can cause overflow to seep into the foundation, flooding your basement and causing expensive damage. If your gutters are full, the weight of the leaves and muck can also cause your gutters to bend or pull away from the house, reducing their effectiveness and leaving you with an expensive eavestrough replacement bill. 

It's important to remember that Edmonton sits on clay, not bedrock. The clay can trap water against your house foundation, leading to foundation damage when the water freezes. Managing rain and snow is critical to protecting your home in Edmonton’s winter.

All of our gutter cleaning services include tightening of loose screws/spikes and a comprehensive inspection of the eavestrough system. 

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Eavestrough repair must be done once you notice your gutters are wobbly or not draining properly. This prevents parts of the house such as the soffit, fascia, and ceiling from being damaged by water. It will also prevent mildew and mold from developing. 

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